Highland provides Standard quality of utilities provided in each office location to customers who are willing to establish their office space within Highland facility.

About Us

Highland Hotel welcomes you to Ancient Bamyan Province.

Undoubtedly, Bamyan has become Afghanistan’s chosen tourist destination. With our two prominent and historic Buddha statues on the city’s main cliff face, Band-e-Amir National Park, and numerous world heritage sites to explore, Bamyan welcomes you and invites you to experience the local community and discover just what this city has to offer! Whether you’re coming here for business, visiting family or friends, exploring outdoor adventures, or just looking for a pleasant, quiet, and luxurious stay, Hotel Highland caters to your every need. We’re looking forward to welcoming you and being a part of your experience here in Bamyan!

Introduction and overview of the Hotel:

Highland Hotel was inaugurated in 2013 and was instantly recognized as Bamyan’s premier hotel. With luxurious facilities and proximity to Bamyan’s historical and natural treasures, Highland Hotel sets the standard for comfortable accommodation. We pride ourselves on our relaxed atmosphere, tranquil setting amid the Buddha statues, and our commitment to responsible conversation tourism ethos. The Hotel is 10 minutes from the airport in western Bamyan Center and sits atop a spectacular hilltop at 8429 feet (2571m) where you can enjoy the warm sun and panoramic views of Baba mountain peaks and the green valley. Our rooms are outfitted to ensure the highest level of comfort and our staff is available day and night to accommodate any request.

About Us

Will include Afghan bread (Naan), Butter, kinds of Jam, Juice (2 kinds), Milk, Yogurt, Cornflakes, Seasonal fruits, kinds of Omelets, Tea and Coffee.

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Will include Afghan bread (Naan), Butter, kinds of Jam, Juic...